Gas measurement + gassing
Gas measurement + gassing

Gas measurement for your containers

Millions of sea containers are imported into and exported from Europe every year. Gas measurements have shown that around 10% of these containers contain harmful gases or vapors in concentrations above the permitted maximum levels. These can not only represent a danger for the processing staff, but in not uncommon cases can be punished with high fines by the authorities. Therefore, use ECL's gas detection service to secure your business and to protect your own and freight personnel from harmful gases. In order to meet our high standards and to enable precise and professional gas measurement, we cooperate with the specialists from EWS in this area. Find out more about our collaboration and the benefits that result from this collaboration below.

The advantages of gas measurement

Through cooperation with the EWS Group, ECL offers the possibility of reducing risks associated with the opening and unloading of containers as far as possible, thus ensuring the safety of the freight personnel and the goods. EWS gas measurement specialists have many years of experience and the best qualifications in sampling, measuring, analyzing and reporting results resulting from gas measurement. These reports are one of the main components of the RI&E (Risk Inventory and Evaluation). Due to the daily confrontation and the resulting experience in all areas of gas measurement, we offer a service package tailored to the needs of our customers, which aims to guarantee the carefree transport of goods with containers.

If the gas measurement determines that the permissible gas or vapor content in a container is exceeded, various ventilation methods are used to compensate for this, which renders the air inside the container harmless. The procedure used here depends on various factors. In addition to the type of gas or vapor and its concentration, the type of load and the loading factor also play a decisive role in the selection of the ventilation method. Thanks to our knowledge and many years of experience, we guarantee to find the optimal solution for each cargo and communicate it in the gas measurement report that we provide.

Container gassing and fumigation

In addition to the gas measurement service, we offer further services in the field of container gassing in cooperation with the EWS Group. The so-called fumigation is mainly used in the field of food transport. The process of fumigation combats potential pests within the freight so that exotic organisms are not transported undesirably. With our competent partner EWS you can choose from a wide range of industrial fumigation. In addition to the fumigation of containers, you can also choose the fumigation of stored products against insects as well as of buildings and transport vehicles. If you have any further questions about gas measurement or our alternative services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team looks forward to your inquiry!

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