Container trucking (port)
Container trucking (port)

Excellent Trucking Service - Directly in the Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg is one of the largest transhipment centers for goods of all kinds in the European region. Thanks to state-of-the-art shipbuilding technology and international container standard dimensions, more than 38 million containers are transported by sea as part of international trade. The resulting volume of goods, be it smartphones from China, wine from Australia or coffee from Brazil, is huge and requires urgent logistical services. This is exactly where container trucking comes in, i.e. container transport by truck, which we can realize through our excellent trucking service. In the following we explain everything about the trucking service of ECL and how we can also optimize your logistic process.

Our trucking service - flexible and reliable

Our trucking service is based on the principle of being able to offer our customers maximum flexibility and complete reliability at all times thanks to technological innovations and modern forwarding software. No matter how complex the logistic chains and processes are - we at ECL and our Trucking Service do not shy away from any challenge and offer individual solutions for every problem. With our global partner network and many years of experience, we always guarantee optimal customer care and a fair price-performance ratio in our trucking service, in order to meet even the most complicated requirements and unusual wishes.

Our competent and in-house team of experienced drivers attaches great importance to absolute punctuality - not only within the scope of our trucking service. By picking up the containers at the port of Hamburg at the agreed time, we can ensure that the delivery arrives at the destination on time. In order to be able to guarantee reliable delivery, we ensure that our fleet of trucks is always well maintained and that the truck is ready in an all-round optimal condition.

We are well aware of the sometimes stressful situations that can occur within the international movement of goods. We want to live up to our philosophy of flexibility at all times. And when we say anytime, we really mean anytime. Even on Saturdays we are available with our trucking service and try to take some of the time pressure out of our customers' delivery requests.

Trucking Service- Contact us now to discuss details

We are very aware of the extraordinary importance of logistics, i.e. the planning, coordination and execution of a wide variety of information and transport flows in the international movement of goods. In order to always provide our customers with the best results, we always work conscientiously within the scope of our trucking services, relying on full agility. Our competent drivers, for example, keep an overview even under deadline pressure and adverse traffic conditions and bring the goods reliably and safely to their destination.

Just inform us in detail about all your trucking service needs and we guarantee that we will realize them with a view to 100% customer satisfaction - of course, only in the highest ECL quality. Do not hesitate to contact us today and let us advise you personally and without obligation. Our team, characterized by professional competence, is looking forward to all inquiries and will take care of them as soon as possible.

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