Bulk transport
Bulk transport

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Not all goods and goods can be transported in ordinary containers. Some special goods, which are transported in bulk, require bulk transportation. In order to carry them out, precise knowledge of the cargoes and a special procedure are required. All requirements must be met to ensure the safe and optimal transportation of the bulk cargo.

Bulk cargoes include, for example:

  • Sand

  • gravel

  • overburden

  • asphalt

  • ores

  • Coal

  • Crushed stone

But certain foodstuffs such as grain, coffee or sugar also require special bulk transport. Here again, other things have to be observed, requirements have to be met and vehicles have to be used.

Bulk transport - regional, national, international

We are all familiar with bulk material transports, and they are often seen on construction sites in particular. There, vehicles such as dump trucks or steel tippers are used to deliver or pick up raw or construction materials. But many bulk materials are also transported internationally. Specialized bulk carriers can transport incredibly large quantities of building materials, raw materials, grain or the like at one time.

The challenges of bulk transportation are great. Often, unforeseen problems arise that need to be overcome. And that is where ECL Kontor GmbH comes in. We have the necessary knowledge for the optimal planning and fastest possible execution of bulk transports. We decide on the vehicle to be used, ensure smooth loading and unloading, and also carry out the bulk transport. Our partners and subcontractors enable us to carry out projects of various sizes efficiently and cost-effectively.

ECL Kontor - Partner for bulk transports

Are you looking for a logistics company for bulk transport? ECL Kontor GmbH supports the transport of sand, gravel, overburden and much more. Regionally or throughout Europe, we offer individual solutions for many situations and bring reliability and flexibility to the table.

With our own warehouse in the port of Hamburg, we are located at the hub of European trade and freight traffic. This enables us to offer bulk transport not only regionally but also internationally. Working with reliable partners worldwide gives us and our customers the security that the goods will arrive where they are needed at the right time. Whether across Germany or around the world, we are the right partner.

In addition to bulk transport, we also offer many other logistical services. Whether sea freight, air freight or warehouse logistics: no matter which goods are to be transported where, we are on hand. We supplement our offer with fulfillment services and value-added services and provide support exactly where it is needed. This allows our customers to concentrate on their core competencies while we provide seamless transport and reliable logistics.

Are you interested in our offer or do you have questions about bulk transport? Then just get in touch with us! Our competent team of specialists will be happy to process all inquiries. Together we develop the optimal concept for solving all logistics problems.

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