Fulfillment at amazon
Fulfillment at amazon

FBA service - For faster sales and shipping by Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and for good reason: anyone who has ever ordered from the shipping giant knows how uncomplicated, cheap and, above all, fast the delivery of goods by Amazon is. A main reason for this is the use of special Amazon warehouses in which goods are temporarily stored for dispatch by Amazon. This so-called FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service ensures a very high level of flexibility and responsiveness when shipping, which play a key role in the short delivery times.

The goods are usually delivered to these Amazon warehouses by so-called FBA services such as ECL. Find out more about our work as an FBA service provider and how you can work with us to optimize sales and shipping through Amazon.

Benefit shipping through Amazon with our FBA service

ECL offers support in the field of sea, air and land transport of goods and reliably delivers them to Amazon warehouses across Europe. In recent years, our experts have worked extensively on the development of an individual system for optimized goods transport. This ensures that the goods arrive quickly and safely at Amazon's warehouse locations thanks to optimal throughput times. With our own logistics fleet and a broad infrastructure based on cooperation with proven parcel service providers from all over Europe, we guarantee that we can offer an ideal solution for delivery to FBA warehouses. It doesn't matter whether you're just shipping a pallet or an entire truck load, because our qualified team prepares the entire logistical process themselves and, as part of our FBA service, ensures that the order is completed to your utmost satisfaction . Starting with the transport to the airport or freight port, we take care of all relevant measures related to shipping by Amazon. This includes, among other things, customs clearance, port trucking, warehouse logistics and the final determination of the delivery location after an appointment has been made via the CARP system with Amazon. ECL takes full responsibility based on our FBA service and makes shipping and selling through Amazon a lot easier. Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we are also able to deliver freight by truck on Saturdays - our goal is always the fastest and safest possible delivery to Amazon's FBA warehouses.

Fulfillment service as a supplement to FBA

In addition to the FBA service, we offer the fulfillment service in our own warehouse in Hamburg's central port. With the help of our commissioned parcel service providers, we send a large number of parcels to B2B and B2C customers every day. There is also the option of conveniently checking the inventory in our warehouse around the clock via our integrated web interface. If you have any special requests or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our competent team looks forward to your inquiries!

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