Customs clearance
Customs clearance

Customs import - simple and uncomplicated with ECL

Customs duty within the European Union has not existed for a long time. This has contributed to drastic simplifications in the movement of goods within the borders of the European Union. With a few exceptions, transit through Germany is also free, but prior registration for the transport of excise goods is necessary in order to pass customs control without unpleasant surprises.

However, the aforementioned customs control changes have not affected international trade, which is why imports and exports to non-EU countries are still subject to sometimes complicated and nerve-wracking customs controls. All goods that are imported from non-EU countries or exported to a non-EU country must be cleared through customs. Goods are increasingly being ordered online and sent by post. Within the EU, there are only a few restrictions here, but when shipping to third countries, the customs controls are different.

When it comes to the movement of goods to or from non-European countries, the issue of customs control is always a delicate matter. Because if goods are not marked correctly when imported or exported, it can happen that the goods are confiscated by customs. This not only causes significant delays in the supply chain for the goods concerned, but also unnecessary and, above all, avoidable costs. For this reason, it is particularly important that the requirements of the customs office are observed for international shipments. Unfortunately, finding the right identification for customs control often turns out to be more difficult than expected. So that you are spared such time-consuming problems at the next customs inspection, we are happy to support our customers with the vulnerable customs import and export. You can find out what we can do for you at ECL Euro-Cargo-Logistik Kontor GmbH.

Customs import and customs export - no problem for us

ECL offers professional and fast customs clearance for all goods in import and export. We adapt to each freight individually and take the necessary steps that contribute to achieving problem-free shipping without complications during customs control.

Our team of experts is at home in the field of customs declarations and processes all orders quickly and precisely thanks to many years of experience and the best qualifications. If you have any questions, we will be happy to support you. Take a look at our comprehensive customs services:Import clearances

  • export licenses

  • fiscal representation

  • Transit customs clearance through NCTS

  • TIR Carnet formalities

  • Veterinary and phytosanitary controls

  • Issue of T2L documents

  • Request for transfer to bonded warehouse facilities

  • Authorized consignee / authorized consignor

With our customs import and export support, our customers no longer have to worry about all delivery complications due to incorrect customs clearance. Our experts take care of everything necessary to make the transport of goods and customs controls as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible.

Customs import: get customs control support now

If you need support in the area of customs control, you've come to the right place at ECL. Benefit from our know-how from many years of experience in customs clearance - regardless of whether a customs export or customs import is desired, our experts are on hand to answer any questions about customs matters. With our commitment, as a reliable expert for customs controls, we want to offer individual and optimal solutions and build and maintain a long-term relationship.

If you have any questions about customs import/customs export or if you are interested in comprehensive advice on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our competent team looks forward to your inquiry!


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