Air freight
Air freight

Fast and reliable - With airfreight all over the world

Air freight offers both the flexibility and speed denied by other modes of transportation. In just a few days, goods can be shipped anywhere in the world with unparalleled security and speed.

What advantages there are with shipping by air freight and how ECL Air supports this, we explain below.

The advantages of air freight

Air freight has many advantages over other modes of transportation such as ocean freight or land transportation. While the transport from Asia for example in a full container takes 30-40 days, we can deliver air freight shipments mostly in less than a week. Especially for urgently needed goods, such as spare parts, this is a great advantage which cannot be beaten.

Also, there are some goods and transport goods that can be transported almost only by air freight - these include:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical products

  • Live animals

  • Flowers and other plants

  • relief goods

  • Seasonal goods

  • Important documents

  • Particularly high-value goods

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, the high safety standards of air transport and precise flight schedules offer a less disruptive overall logistics concept. What's more, air freight can be delivered to almost any corner of the world. After all, even the most remote island has its own airport these days.

Like all other modes of transport, air freight naturally has a few disadvantages. The biggest one is the comparatively high cost of transportation. Therefore, when shipping particularly heavy goods or large quantities, you should think about shipping them.

ECL Air - Partner in airfreight

With ECL Air you get a competent air freight forwarder at your side. With our international network of reliable partners, we can organize and carry out air freight shipments to and from all over the world.

We take care of the entire transport process - both import and export. Pre- and on-carriage, export certificates and import customs clearance, booking of flights and securing of cargoes: With ECL Air, our customers can sit back and relax with the assurance that all goods will arrive at the right place at the right time.

To achieve this, we work out the best possible customized logistics solution. Flexible delivery options such as door-to-door or airport-to-airport allow for an optimal air freight service tailored exactly to the situation at hand.

Air freight or sea freight

As an international freight forwarder and logistics service provider, we are often faced with the question with our customers: air or sea freight or land transport after all? To find an answer to this question, these three questions must be answered at the beginning:

  • When should the goods arrive?

  • What are the weight and volume of the goods?

  • From where to where?

Intra-European transports are usually carried out by truck, international ones by ship or airplane instead. If the goods are urgently needed, air freight is usually chosen. For light goods with high value and small volume, air freight is also more recommended than the alternatives.

You are still not sure if airfreight is the right choice? Then just contact us. We will be happy to help and organize the transport that suits your situation.

Please give us more information about your shipment.
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