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ECL Kontor GmbH is an international logistics company with roots in customs clearance and transport organization. Family-run and independent, we have stood for quality, reliability and flexibility in import and export for over a decade. Our own logistics complex, built in 2016 with the status of bonded warehouse type C and a heavy-duty paved open area, extends over a property area of over 21,000 m². In combination with our own fleet of vehicles, we move entire containers, harmless commercial goods and unconventional shipments. We take care of handling, weighing according to the SOLAS agreement, storage and transport.


ECL Kontor

ECL is proud to be recognized by our partners and customers as the most reliable and affordable logistics and warehousing service provider in the country. As a family-owned logistics service provider, we excel in a range of logistics services including FBA / e-commerce services, sea, air and land transportation services, trucking services with our own fleet, warehousing services, logistic services and other services. We have many years of experience in logistics, warehousing, distribution, trucking and supply chain management and aim to offer our customers convenience, reliability and affordability through our premium logistics services.


ECL as a provider of logistics jobs in Hamburg

Our team of experts at all levels of our services have years of experience, which adds credibility to an experienced workforce. This also helps us to reduce response time and provide timely deliveries and services at all times, whether it is trucking or warehouse services. Our goal is to positively reinforce our customers' businesses and build a long-term relationship with them. Our commitment to our customers is demonstrated by the emphasis we place from time to time on teamwork, customer care and technological improvements to our logistics processes and equipment.

Our experience in all areas in which we operate and our range of services make us a comprehensive logistics service provider in Germany. With the continuous support and trust of our customers, we aim to be humble and stay humble as well. Our sophisticated systems, streamlined logistic process, state-of-the-art logistic tools and equipment, the most advanced carriers, bespoke services and commitment to keeping costs low for end users help us to provide a logistic solution that is well-matched to our customers' needs. We welcome you to our website and encourage you to get in touch with our logistics experts regarding their logistical needs.

ECL guarantees its customers security through innovative technologies: Sept. 2014. N-TV reports on the high-tech alarm system of ECL Kontor GmbH. Managing Director Adam Dachowski explains the advantages and use of the security solution. ECL Kontor GmbH guarantees a high level of security for the goods entrusted to you.
Certified single-source building security system: We rely on Telekom's Secure Building Solutions for our warehouse in the Port of Hamburg. Service technicians installed cameras connected to the Telekom control center. We store your goods was,. dry and secure.
Christmas campaign 2021
Together with our ECL team we support Santa Claus to bring all the presents to the children around the world. We, the Christmas Helpers, wish a Merry Christmas Season.

Logistics Jobs in the Port of Hamburg - ECL

Logistics is one of the most important service strands in our fast-moving world. In order not to lose touch in the global competition of goods transport and to be able to cope with the increasing demands on delivery times as well as the constantly increasing product range, mature and optimal logistics are indispensable. Only those who get their goods to their destination on time and properly can assert themselves in the world of goods traffic. In order to achieve efficient logistical processes, the best possible performance of each individual employee of logistics service providers is therefore required. Especially at the Port of Hamburg, which is one of the most important arenas for the handling of logistical processes in European goods traffic, it becomes clear that efficient and well-trained employees are indispensable for success. If you are looking for a job in the Port of Hamburg or Frankfurt Airport, ECL has the right addresses. Here is an overview of our company and what we do within the company.


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ECL Kontor is an international logistics company established in 2004 with roots in customs clearance and transport organisation.


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