Air freight costs – air shipping at fair prices

Air freight costs – air shipping at fair prices

Shipping via air freight is a fast and reliable way to send goods by air from A to B to any destination in the world. In this process, the so-called air freight costs are incurred, the fee for shipping via cargo aircraft or on an enclosed cargo in passenger aircraft. In the past, air shipping was primarily of interest for time-critical and costly goods and commodities, but the shipping method has long since become of great importance for other commercial goods as well. Its strengths and advantages have led to considerable growth in air shipping in recent years. And the trend is still upward. When faced with the question of which mode of transport to choose for your goods, air freight costs play a major role. How high are they and what are the air freight costs based on?

Air freight costs: The price depends on it

Basically, the question of air freight costs cannot be answered in a general way. Different factors are decisive here. Probably the most important indicators of air freight costs are weight and volume. Either the volumetric weight, which is also referred to as the chargeable weight, or the actual weight, also referred to as the weighing weight, is used.

To calculate the volume weight, IATA has introduced the following formula:

Length(cm) x Width(cm) x Height(cm) / service provider dependent divisor.

Most service providers for air cargo use the divisor 5,000 or 6,000.

After the volume weight of the air cargo is determined, it is compared with the actual weight, which is determined with the help of a scale. The higher kg weight counts for the air freight cost.

Example: A package measures 50 cm x 60 cm x 10 cm and the divisor is 5,000, which gives a volume weight of 6 kg. However, if it actually weighs 7 kg, the air freight price is based on the 7 kg.

Furthermore, the air freight costs include these criteria in the price:

  • Fuel
  • Airport transfer
  • Handling costs
  • customs duty
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • insurance
  • destination

For this reason, the air freight costs can only be calculated individually. If you would like to know the air freight costs more precisely, our service team will be happy to assist you with the calculation. Or you can simply request a non-binding offer.

Despite higher air freight costs: What are the advantages of air freight?

Even if the air freight costs are always calculated up to date, the shipping method has some noteworthy advantages over sea freight or other transport services. Especially in terms of speed, air freight is unbeatable. While goods in a container to Asia, for example, take 30 to 40 days to travel, a cargo plane needs only a few days. If you want to ship perishable goods, for example, you can find no comparable alternative. At the same time, air freight is one of the most reliable and, due to high standards as well as requirements, one of the safest methods of shipment, which can deliver to even the most remote spot on earth.

Goods that are most often shipped via air freight include:

  • Medicines and medical products
  • spare parts
  • relief goods
  • live animals
  • perishable goods
  • plants
  • high-priced products
  • seasonal goods
  • important documents

Does air freight have any disadvantages?

Since the cost of air freight is based on weight, volume and, among other things, fuel prices, the price of heavy goods or large quantities quickly becomes very high compared to other options. The higher fuel consumption of airplanes also has an impact. However, the air freight price can still pay off if storage costs and packaging costs can be saved. Here it depends on the individual situation. Customs duties, delivery and other additional services should also be considered.

In many cases, however, air freight is an unrivaled option and can be just as cost-effective. High competition currently favors air freight costs.

Airfreight costs: Fair prices at ECL

Your airfreight is in the best hands with us. Trust speed, flexibility and security. We deliver your goods to any desired destination worldwide. You are looking for low airfreight prices? With a multimodal transport we offer you highest speed and favorable prices. In doing so, we combine different transport routes or modes of transport. What distinguishes us is our own fleet of trucks as well as years of cooperation with our partners and the outstanding work of our employees.

So, if you need a fast and uncomplicated service at fair prices, the combination of truck and air freight is the best choice. Already within a few days the goods are on the spot. If you have a little more time, then Ocean-Air multimodal transport is a good choice.

So that you do not have to choose between air freight costs, quality and speed, we plan the best way to ship your goods according to your individual ideas. Contact our experts now and let us advise you personally. Together we will find the best prices for your air freight or a possible price-efficient alternative. Rely on the services of ECL Kontor.

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