Parcel delivery
Parcel delivery

The ECL parcel delivery service

ECL Euro-Cargo-Logistik Kontor GmbH is an international logistics company. As a family business, we stand together for quality, reliability and flexibility. Our services include FBA / e-commerce, customs clearance, warehouse logistics, transportation and container trucking. In addition to container handling and gas metering, our parcel delivery services are gaining particular importance. With our experience in many fields, such as logistics, warehousing, distribution and trucking and supply chain management, we ensure the best foundation for optimal parcel delivery service. Short response time and on-time delivery are the stable foundation in our ECL parcel delivery service.

Globalization and the increasing importance of online trade have a firm grip on parcel delivery services. The logistics market is continuously growing. In order to be able to guarantee reliable and cost-efficient parcel delivery, optimally timed logistical workflows are necessary. We as ECL Euro-Cargo-Logistik Kontor GmbH maintain a contractual partnership with GLS and thus ensure the delivery to business customers (B2B) as well as to individual buyers (B2C) mainly in Europe.

For a fast distribution of your parcels to the desired location, our parcel delivery service delivers your goods to the GLS hubs throughout Europe. With our extensive partner network and our own GLS depots, we route your loads and parcels through Northern European seaports such as Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp. The airports in Frankfurt, Liège and Hamburg are also hubs for our parcel delivery services.

Nowadays, almost all goods can also be ordered online and must reach the recipient's door on time and safely. In this context, an experienced and reliable shipping partner is indispensable. The customer must be offered the best service, which is the responsibility of the parcel delivery service. With our modern systems, transport damages are completely avoided and the parcels are delivered in an optimal condition.

There are significant differences between the providers. Everything that fits into a box, as well as large and bulky goods, must be placed correctly. Speed, security and cost efficiency are the key factors. Individual solutions must be found to achieve optimal parcel delivery results. All shipments must be kept in view and correctly executed by an experienced parcel delivery service.

Your optimal parcel delivery solution

ECL is considered a reliable and affordable family-owned logistics and warehousing service provider. With our years of experience, we can provide our customers with advanced premium

logistics services to our customers. With an experienced team of experts, ECL parcel delivery service is well positioned to prepare on-time delivery every time.

With our commitment, we would like to provide you with customized and optimal solutions together with our e-commerce logistics specialist, as well as build and maintain a long-term relationship. An advanced parcel delivery service requires sophisticated systems and state-of-the-art logistics tools and equipment. Keeping the costs low for our customers and the end consumer, while finding an optimal solution for you as a parcel delivery service is our concern.

Use the extensive service of our parcel delivery service

Together with our e-commerce logistics specialist, we will work out a perfect solution for your needs. Label your parcels already in China or another country and save the European logistics costs!

Your package will find the right way with our package delivery service.

Contact us, so that we can find your perfect solution!

We are looking forward to you!


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