Gas measurement

Each year millions of sea containers are imported into Europe. About 10 % of those containers contain harmful gases or vapors in concentrations above the safety limits.

ECL offers you the opportunity to map out all risks concerning opening and discharge of those containers by partnering up with EWS Group. The Gas measurement specialist of EWS have a broad experience in sampling, measuring, analysis and reporting of the findings. These reports are one of the main parts of your RI&E (Risk Inventorisation and Evaluation). Through years of experience in all aspects of the measurement process we can offer a service package that takes away all your worries.

In case the concentration of one or more vapors is above safety limits the container has to be ventilated. The way how to proceed this process depends on different factors, like kind of gas or vapor, the concentration, kind of cargo and load factor. Based on our knowledge and experience we will propose an appropriate method of ventilation, and we will communicate this in the measurement reporting.

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